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Nord-Ouest De Londres, De La Santé Sexuelle - Nord-Ouest de Londres Sexuelle, la Santé, la santé sexuelle, infections sexuellement transmissibles (IST), l'expérimentation (y compris le VIH) et de la contraception et de planification familiale service NHS, Brent, Harrow et Ealing, revêtement extérieur Nord-Ouest de Londres.

País:, L'Europe, GB

Ciudad: -0.1224 , Royaume-Uni

  • swaysworn - Do not buy! Not worth it! It does not work!

    Bought a new TV and it said it had internet, so I decided to check it out. It turns out you have to spend more money to use a feature that is not developed properly for the new 40" TVs UE series. You have to be at least CISCO certified to set it up, you need to have above average knowledge about networking and routers and when you finally get around to it (3-4 hours of trial and error) you will notice that the network setup test is OK as the samsung menu says and I CANNOT access any of the so called features. So I would STRONGLY advise you against this purchase. Even if you happened to have the older version of TV and you manage to get it working it is simply not worth it. Samsung offers no support and although on the phone they admit to have a BIG problem with the TVs on the support page you cannot find a fix (updated in 2009 - outrageous).

  • Client d'Amazon - Il fait le travail.

    Les plus : Très bonne aspiration, maniable, léger, facilité de montage des ustensiles et la gâchette qui reste enclenché libère l'index.